The Cancer Coach

The Cancer Coach

Supporting cancer patients and those affected by cancer

About The Cancer Coach

The Cancer is a full service online health care platform designed specifically to support cancer patients and those affected by cancer. 

We are here to add value to any service provider who is working with cancer patients by complimenting your core business. Our platform connects cancer patients directly with experienced cancer coaches who in turn create customised health plans featuring the core principles of holistic health and healing. 

Our dedicated platform is compliant to the highest standards of HIPAA enabling patients and service providers to securely store and share medical records, host online video calls and send secure messages. Our platform boasts health and wellbeing advice from experts in oncology nutrition, exercise & movement, mind-body, stress management, nutritional supplementation, emotional wellbeing, oncology aesthetics and sleep coaching. 

The Cancer supports a range of service providers including government agencies, screening & testing, pharmaceutical & biomedical firms, hospitals & clinics, universities, professional societies, nonprofit foundations and research labs. Adjunctive service providers in nutrition, physical therapy, mental health and others involved in preventive and rejuvenation medicine have used The Cancer Coach platform to offer additional support to cancer patients. 

If you are a service provider looking to use or offer The Cancer Coach platform to your patients, please get in touch and we can arrange a free demonstration.



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