is a free online app that enables you to create a plan to achieve any goal and then to track your progress to completion.

About features a Plan Wizard that helps you to break a complex goal or project into a sequence of simple tasks; the Do List then presents a list of all the tasks that can be accomplished immediately, and as tasks are marked Done, adds the next tasks in the sequence until the goal or project is completed.  The user can annotate each task with unlimited notes and links to other web sites.  In addition, Ascendor provides all the functionalities of a personal scheduler:  appointments, searching, recurring tasks and events, etc.

As of this writing, Ascendor is on line and fully functional for the author's personal use, but before general release, it requires Beta testing and one or more additional coders to add features and refine the visual design.


Thailand , Chon Buri

Based in Pattaya



Sheldon M. Penner


IT & Cybersecurity