Get Accountable! – Pattaya Startups Meetup #15


    This is a group for anyone thinking about starting up a business, or already working on their startup (usually online but anyone is welcome). 

    There is a google doc describing each of our endeavours at:

    Anyone attending should add their own section to this document, and read the doc to get up to speed with each persons business before each meetup.

    We meet once every 2 weeks – at the start of each session we each tell the group what we’re currently working on and problems we’re facing (new users can explain their business in more detail the first time). The group discusses each persons situation and tries to offer advice based on our collective expertise in different areas.

    Each person then commits to their next action. We take notes so we can check up on each other at the next meeting. This is key to keeping the pressure on to get things done during the week!

    We then have an informal chat about general startup topics (customer discovery, market testing, productivity, whatever) and hopefully learn something.

    If you are working alone on your business and want to meet other like minded people who will kick your a$$ to get things done then please join this group and introduce yourself!

    For now, the ideal size for the group is less than 10 people (or the meetings will go on for way too long), but we will expand over time as we find ways to use the time more effectively!


    Alternatively, Pattaya Startups facebook and Google public group are capable to accept increasingly new comers to join in the same. Keep in touch.