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Sell tickets to your events online quickly and easily with Coconut Tickets. As the manager of an event you already know how to market your events on your website and on social media. With Coconut Tickets your customers visit your website or social media then click to buy their tickets through your account on Coconut Tickets.  The e-tickets are sent to the customer then you receive their funds direct to your PayPal account. Coconut Tickets platform, displaying your branding, takes care of the online sales process.

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Key features

  • Financially sound. Predictable monthly costs. You pay for the number of events on-sale up to a fixed number of tickets. No per-ticket costs.
  • Ticketing for your whole event. Sell tickets to customers and sell pitches to vendors.
  • Customer ticketing flexibility. Sell tickets for the whole event, for one day or for collections of days all at the prices you choose.
  • Improve event security with barcode e-tickets. Only admit the right people and admit them once.
  • Increase the customer experience by collecting customer information in advance with your own online order form. You can create a form for each event.
  • Reduce your risks by displaying your own terms and conditions that customers will need to accept before they buy your tickets.


Above all, Coconut Tickets is designed for real world usability. We include features that from experience we know you will need, like being able to manually resend a ticket to a customer who has lost it.


As Coconut Tickets grows we will increase the features of this platform even further to better serve our existing customers and to offer a compelling offering to potential customers.


Coconut Tickets was created by event managers who were not satisfied by their existing ticketing platform providers. Contact us here if you would like to know more or follow this link to sign-up.


The Coconut Tickets team.

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